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The importance of meal prepping

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

I'm sure you've heard it over and over again. If you want to lean out, you have to prep your meals more and stop eating out! Most people agree but find it hard to fanthom meal prepping all the time. Especially if you lead an incredibly busy life. However, logically meal prepping means you are always in control of what goes into your body, and thus depending on how sculpted you want to be, it does allow you to track all your macronutrients and calories better. Tracking leads to more precise results in the way you want your body to look.

Having been a competitive dancer for many years, and then a fitness competitor, I recognize the importance of having a lean fit body. However, you don't have to 100% meal prep to stay fit and relatively lean. You can mix some healthy snack bars and proteins for your busy lifestyle, as long one recognizes the level of leanness someone wants to achieve will require higher levels of precise measuring and tracking caloreis. I lead an incredibly busy life as a fitness trainer and as a success mentor and coach and I have a found a few tips that have really helped me generally stay more on track in my calories. My current goal is not to be absolutely shredded like I was during my competitions. It is just for me to stay healthy, fit and have the best energy to maximize performance in my workouts and in my daily life to go help others live great successful lives! Here are a few tips that I go by:

- Scheduling two days in the week for meal prepping (Sun, Weds are good)

- Bulk buying your meats and veggies and bulk cooking (enough for 3 days)

- If you meal prep twice a week it will help you last through 6 days and give you one day where you can be more creative

- I usually bake my chicken breast/salmon all on a big baking pan; and steam cook all my veggies

- Use less sauces and more Mrs. Dash/low sodium seasoning

- If you have to be on the go (which I definitely do!) - having a very low sugar and high quality protein shake is a good

- If you are competing I don't recommend eating bars - would try to stick to natural foods more, but if you aren't competing and just want to generally stay healthy and fit, you can definitely eat some organic whole food bars - make sure you choose ones with more natural organic ingredients and low sugar.

- I always eat every 2-3 hours or I definitely get hangry!!! :)

- I always tell my clients eating less does not mean you will always lean out - you have to eat enough for your metabolic rate and daily expenditure levels and eat frequently so your metabolism continues to be revved!

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Clarice Yau - was a former Ballroom Latin Dance competitior for 10 years and then transitioned into Fitness Competitions in the next 3 years. Now Clarice has expanded her focus on entreprenurial endeavours where she can continue to give back to others in knowledge of how to lead healthy inspiring lives. She still has fitness goals to eventually possibly compete in Crossfit, learn more about Olympic and Powerlifting, and run a martahon/triatholon. Clarice hopes to return to her first love, dancing, and share that with the world again one day! Staying lean, heathy and fit is a top priority for Clarice! :)

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