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Fitnesss Philosophy

My philosophy in fitness is that it is a lifestyle and my goal is to help you build a holistically well rounded fit body.  What does that mean?  It means you not only LOOK fit but you ARE fit.  It means your cardio, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility are all crucial to your overall fitness. I believe in being able to teach people how to sculpt and define their muscles, but also how to run their next race, or achieve a new personal best in push ups or pull ups!










I believe that part of fitness is learning to love your own body and  breaking your own records so that you continue to become healthier, fitter and stronger.  I belive that much of the break throughs in someone's personal fitness is not only in consistent discplined practice, but also in their mindsets towards themselves - their belief in themselves that they can be better, fitter, stronger and can hit their next personal best.  I love helping my clients have breakthroughs and bring their body to places where they never thought they could be!

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