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Why hire a Personal Trainer/ Online Coach/Mentor?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

"The greatest gap is between knowing and doing" - John Maxwell

We are an incredibly knowledge driven society.  There is knowledge and information everywhere.  Where once, education was only a privilege and only if you attended prestigious institutions and universities would you really be able to separate yourself from the masses.  Now?  There’s information everywhere....more like an information explosion!  So lack of information is not the reason why most people are not where they want to be?  Generally people know what they need to do to have a healthier and fitter body, ...but then why are so many people still not where they want to be?  

The reality is humans are not just dictated by logic, we are often run by our emotions.  We are all guilty of it, including myself!  It’s this constant fight between logic and emotions...if you are not where you want to be though, likely your emotions speak louder and more frequently than your logic/disciplined self.  

I believe everyone can benefit from having a coach, mentor, trainer or some sort of teacher-type figure in their life.  There are a number of benefits of hiring someone to work with you on your goals.  

1. It will instantly make you more committed because you’re investing your money into your own health and personal development, so you’re not going to waste it.  

2. You’re accountable to someone now...most of the time when we know that what we do someone else knows about it, or is right there beside us, we have greater motivation to do it.  

3. Having someone who is more knowledgeable in the area you are trying to grow will give you greater confidence and direction in moving forward.  

4. Your trainer/coach/mentor likely will be developing structured programs that are meant to help you have a more systemized approach to reaching your goal - it’s like they are mapping out your goals for you. 

5. On the side of fitness and physical training, you are likely going to learn good technique, proper form and prevent possible injuries

6. Finally, a trainer/coach/mentor is likely going to be your greatest cheerleader.  They not only on the logical side of things help you develop more discipline through being an accountability partner, and developing programs/systemized approach to your goals. They also will nourish your emotional side by encouraging you when you are down, sow belief into you when you haven’t quite hit your goals yet, and they will normalize your struggle, because likely they have been down your path or have had some experience in that arena.  Lastly, I know that all the amazing teachers, dance coaches, fitness coaches and mentors in my life have been sources of inspiration to me!  Our human spirit needs to be inspired and elevated - it gives us hope that we can be better, we can get more fit, eat healthier, have healthier habits that lead to healthier mental/emotional states.  With greater self confidence and belief in ourselves, we view the world differently, and that in turn leads to a healthier relationship for yourself and those around you :)

If you look into most great success stories whether it is great athletes like Michael Jordan, Business icons like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet, Public icons like Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins, or leadership gurus like John Maxwell, they all had a host of coaches and mentors in their life!

So don’t wait - go out and find yourself some amazing coaches/mentors to be in your life.  They will only enrich the path that you are on.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside of yourself” - Oprah Winfrey


Clarice Yau B.Ed and PTS (Personal Training Specialist), HIC (High Impact Coaching specialist)

Clarice has been in a teaching coaching role for almost 15 years now with experiences in children's camps and working with youth dating as far back as 20 years ago. No, Clarice is not super old ;) just that she has always assumed roles where she can give back to others. Starting first with her original passion with working with children, Clarice was a school teacher for 6 years, then transitioning into a personal trainer for the past 8 years and most recently has expanded into holistic lifestyle coaching. She incoporates a lot of her mindset and success development principals in teaching people how to get to their next level in their health and fitnesss goals.


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